If You Want Those Bugs Gone Like Yesterday, Then You NEED Syngenta Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Finally, There is a Roach Killer that Does Its Job and Does it Well!

I absolutely LOATHE cockroaches.  They are disgusting and an embarrassment, even if the infestation is through no fault of your own.

Here's my story...

I live in one of those old, small towns in the humid south (a cockroach paradise) where there isn't much room between your home and your neighbor's.  A couple of years ago a home a few doors down had a severe infestation.  When the tenants moved out, the landlord discovered the problem and like most folks, used sprays and foggers to try and rid the home of the bugs.  Well since those things are nearly indestructible, they just ran to everyone else's homes on the block and we all got to share in the joy of the new squatters <insert great sarcasm here>.

I tried everything I could think of to get rid of the roaches, from home remedies to sprays and traps - everything except call an actual pest control company because they tend to be a bit pricey and I have pets that I was afraid may get into the pesticide.  I made absolutely no progress.  The only thing that seemed to work even slightly was to fill a spray bottle with liquid dish soap and water and shoot the things with it.  (My aim got pretty good.)  However, that only killed the roaches I hit, it didn't take care of the ones that were hidden.

Then in another desperate attempt to find something that would work, I came across the Syngenta Advion Cockroach Gel Bait.  Of course I had to search for reviews and videos on the stuff and found the video below (the one in the middle labeled "The Video that Convinced Me").  That video shows a really, really, REALLY bad infestation and how well this roach killer works.  After watching that video and seeing that the price was around the $30 mark, I figured it couldn't hurt to try, and gave it a go.  I tell ya, that stuff WORKS!  I don't remember exact timelines now, but in just a couple of days, the bugs were nearly all gone and definitely within a month our problem was taken care of, and we haven't had a problem since.

If you have a bug problem, I definitely recommend you give this stuff a try.

Below are a few questions I've come across and will try to answer based on my experience.

Is it expensive?

When I purchased the Syngenta Advion Cockroach Gel Bait on Amazon, it was running just under the $30 point.  I believe it's still in that same price range.

How much do you need or have to buy?

The kit contains 4 tubes of bait.  I only needed one kit.  When I first got it, I placed three tubes of bait around the house.  Then for good measure, a couple of weeks later, I put the final one out.  My home is approximately 1,600 square feet and had what could probably be termed a moderate infestation.

How easy is it to use?  Is it messy?

This stuff is super simple.  As mentioned above, there are four tubes containing the bait and you simply use a plunger (comes with the kit) to push the gel out into little beads that you place in cracks, in cabinets, and around sinks.  If you're worried about it getting on your woodwork, you could place painter's tape or empty toilet paper/paper towel tubes in the places you need to place the bait and just squeeze the bait onto it.

Is it pet safe?

Advion is formulated to only work on cockroaches through a specific metabolic process that they have.  However, I don't think any of us ever really trust things to be completely safe.  So to circumvent any issues, just make sure you place the bait out of your pet's reach, just like you would a child.

Quick Informational Video

This video just gives a little bit of the whos, whats, wheres, and whys.  It's a good, quick look at the "make-up" of the Syngenta Advion Cockroach Gel Bait and what causes it to be so effective.

The Video that Convinced Me

This is a before and after comparison one month after initial application of Advion Cockroach Gel Bait.  Compared to this home, I didn't have a bug problem; thus, it had to work for me.

How to Use

This video just gives a bit more info about the Advion Cockroach Gel Bait and great suggestions for the actual application of the product.  It's such a simple process that anyone can do it.

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